Cordless Mitre Saw Enables Precise Cuts

The KAPEX KSC 60 cordless sliding compound mitre saw by Festool provides versatility, accuracy and power, all in a compact and portable format.

With mitre angles of up to 60 degrees on each side and bevel angles of up to 47 degrees, the KSC 60 produces precise results across a range of applications. It’s ideally suited for wood-processing tasks on the job site with capacity and runtime for trim work and cutting lumber or plywood.

Its dual-battery 36-volt system combined with the brushless EC-TEC motor provide virtually unlimited endurance for an entire day’s work, says the company.

Other features include ergonomically positioned handles, a practical transport locking device and a forward-rail design that allows the saw to be placed right up against a wall for maximum front-side clearance.

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