Concrete and asphalt warning surfaces

The RediMat Detectable Warning Systems safety product from Mar-Bel is constructed of durable, UV protected, glass-filled polyurethane and is surface applied on both asphalt and concrete.

The ADA-compliant tactile warning line is intended for visually impaired or handicapped pedestrians.

A proprietary pre-applied adhesive system, it can be installed in less than 10 minutes and is said to drastically reduce labour time and expense — but not at the expense of durability.

The material is comprised of the following specifications:

  • dome spacing of 2.35 in.;
  • inline slip resistance of .90;
  • compressive strength of 30,000 psi;
  • sizes from 2 x 3 ft to 3 x 5 ft and 10 ft radius wedge; and,
  • Shore A hardness 90.

The flexible polyurethane material conforms to uneven surfaces, and will not chip, crack or splinter.

Engineered construction also features a beveled edge for easy pedestrian access.

Radius tile is available in a “wedge” shape suitable for rounded intersections requiring a radius system. Available colours include safety yellow, brick red, black and gray.

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