Flooring Blends Form and Function

ECOsurfaces Desert and River commercial flooring line from Ecore fuses aesthetics and sustainability with ergonomics, acoustics and safety.

Engineered for use in high-traffic areas for its performance benefits, including cushioning, sound absorption and durability, the collection is well-suited for retail, hospitality, education and office spaces, therapy and rehab facilities, and cardio/fitness areas.

The product features a one millimetre woven vinyl surface layer fused to a three millimetre vulcanized composition rubber base layer. This resilient composition delivers an optimal balance of force reduction and energy restitution with an impressive 71.82 per cent useful return of impact energy and a 6.82 per cent absorption of impact energy, says Ecore.

Desert and River come in a range of colours named after some of the world’s most famous natural landmarks. Desert options include Sahara, Mojave, Gobi, Great Basin, Patagonian and Kalahari. River colours are Rio Grande, Hudson, Amazon, Nile, Mississippi and Danube.

They line is available in standard rolls exclusively through Spartan Surfaces.

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