CFI Residential Resilient Training Sees Success in Winnipeg

The International Certified Flooring Installers (CFI) recently visited Winnipeg, where it delivered its residential resilient training.

CFI executive director of education Dave Garden and Congoleum field installation specialist and CFI trainer Joe Cea were on-site at the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology to instruct the training. They were accompanied by Chris Maskell, CEO of the National Floor Covering Association, who observed the event.

“Training events must be readily available in multiple locations and be well promoted to reach communities, create awareness, generate interest and attract attendance,” says Maskell.

The program addressed basic floor preparation, installation of sheet flooring and luxury vinyl plank.

The four-day training session, held June 19-23, was well-attended by experienced and eager installers interested in expanding their skill set.

“We had a great group of installers that were invested in their education and the ability to offer exceptional service to their customers through hands-on training,” says Cea.

There is great need for new floor installation professionals as the flooring industry is faced with an aging workforce.

“The installation crisis isn’t isolated to any one location,” says Garden. “It’s an industry-wide issue that’s international and will take everyone’s support to overcome.”

“Something else that is needed is support and involvement from existing flooring stores spreading the word and committing to support training events by each sending a few installers to training events,” Maskell shared on social media. “It only takes 10 students to make a course viable.”

CFI’s comprehensive training programs support cultivating a skilled workforce to help meet the demands of the construction industry, for both residential and commercial projects. They emphasize the importance of industry standards, practicing safety, proper installation techniques and following manufacturers’ specifications. This results in a quality floor installation, avoiding costly mistakes or accidents, decreased manufacturer claims and, most importantly, satisfied customers.

CORRECTION: The National Floor Covering Association did not host the CFI residential resilient training session in Winnipeg, as originally noted.

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