CCA Global Partners Founder to Step Down

After nearly 40 years at the helm, CCA Global Partners founder Howard Brodsky is retiring.

Co-CEO Rick Bennet will succeed Brodsky as sole chief executive officer, effective Oct. 1.

“I have absolute trust and faith that Rick will lead the company to even greater levels of success,” says Brodsky. “CCA’s next generation of leadership is solid, and I know our next 38 years will exceed the past.”

Brodsky started the cooperative company with Alan Greenberg in 1984. Since then, they have helped thousands of family businesses realize their dreams. Today, more than 4,000 member locations benefit from CCA Global’s leadership through its 14 different businesses that includes Carpet One Floor & Home, ProSource, FEI Group, The Floor Trader, Flooring America and Flooring Canada.

“My father’s love and pride in his family business inspired me to partner with my best friend Alan Greenberg to found CCA,” says Brodsky. “We had a singular belief that we could truly help family businesses thrive in North America using the co-op model. Thirty-eight years later, thousands of members in dozens of industries have come together like a large extended family to create a larger business where we can all succeed.”

Howard Brodsky

Brodsky’s leadership over nearly four decades has built the organization into a multibillion-dollar company, one of the largest retail companies in America, and the fourteenth largest retail cooperative in the world.

At the heart of his lifelong work is the fight for the success of independent, family-owned businesses. Brodsky sees shared ownership business models, like the cooperative structure utilized at CCA Global, as value-creating business engines for people and their communities to retain their identity and ensure their communities are the ultimate beneficiaries of success.

“The co-op model is a unique business model with members at its heart,” he says. “I’ve always considered it capitalism with a conscience. We have the best of both worlds in that we can build the common good by sharing profits back with members, while also honouring our entrepreneurial spirit.”

Brodsky will continue on as chair of the CCA board upon stepping down as co-CEO this fall. He will also continue board roles with the Floor Covering Industry Foundation and the National Cooperative Business Association, among several others.

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