Carpet Tile Aims to Quiet the Senses

Quiet Edit is a modular carpet tile collection from Tarkett inspired by the aesthetic of repurposed materials.

The line includes four styles available in 24-inch by 24-inch tiles, and 10 colour options each.

Transcend Edit delivers a sophisticated, refined look with small-scale brushed linear striations.

Transmute Edit provides larger-scale brushed linear ombre striations that drift to the centre and gradually transition from dark to light, creating a focal point for any room.

Transpire Edit offers small-scale organic grid lines for a visually appealing and calming effect, while linear patterning provides a sense of order and symmetry — a combination that breaks up large expanses and makes spaces more dynamic.

Transport Edit combines larger-scale organic grid and brick-like shapes with linear elements to add complexity to a design, while also evoking a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Quiet Edit is designed for commercial environments, specifically open spaces, greeting areas, lobbies, meeting rooms or anywhere that people meet, gather, work or learn.

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