Carpet Inspired by Elements of Nature

Natural Elements Too by Mannington Commercial is an expansive new collection of modular carpet.

Inspired by the elements of nature, the collection’s four styles — Earth Too, Fire Too, Air Too and Water Too — each come in the same eight colourways for design flexibility. Colours range from cool and warm neutrals to moody blues, allowing designers to define areas in open spaces, enhance wayfinding and create visual interest.

As well, the essential patterns in the line add organic texture and movement to any space, ideal for biophilic design.

Natural Elements Too is made of type 6,6 nylon fibres. The 12-inch by 36-inch tiles deliver enhanced resistance against matting and abrasive wear, and the moisture barrier backings are constructed to withstand aggressive wet cleanings. The collection also offers a minimum 3.0 TARR (texture appearance retention rating) for use in severe environments with rigorous foot traffic, and boasts 105 per cent carbon offset.

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