Carpet Celebrates Ongoing Innovation

Tarkett’s Dynamic Edit is a new modular carpet collection that is inspired by how interior spaces continually evolve over time.

The series celebrates this creative process with five patterns that allow designers to freely mix, match, add and edit their spaces. Each of the styles is available in 12 colourways.

Dynamic Edit also features a number of proprietary technologies that contribute to faster installation, easier maintenance, and a healthier indoor environment and planet. Tarkett’s ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology prevents moisture, pH or previous adhesives from affecting the floor installation. When combined with TarkettTape, ethos can be installed without moisture testing, saving one to three days of installation time, says the company.

Additionally, Tarkett’s Dynex SD premium fibre system includes Eco-Ensure, a fluorine-free soil protection technology that lowers cost of maintenance and creates healthier spaces by promoting better indoor air quality with low volatile organic compound emissions.

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