Broadlume Introduces Digital Retailing Program

Flooring technology company Broadlume has rolled out a digital retailing program with the goal of changing how retailers and manufacturers work together to sell floor coverings.

The program enables customers to complete most of their transaction online and finalize it in a showroom.

“Digital retailing isn’t just the technology that Broadlume provides to retailers,” says Broadlume CEO Todd Saunders. “It’s the shopping experience as a result of these incredibly rich integrations between a retailer’s business and the manufacturers products.”

Manufacturers who participate in the digital retailing program will see a significant increase in their brand awareness, product sampling and customer engagement, says the company.

For retailers, Broadlume says digital retailing has the potential to fundamentally change how they run their business. By allowing customers to learn about products online, visualize them in their homes and order product samples directly to their doorstep, retailers will achieve higher close rates and an increase in sales as they engage with knowledgeable, ready-to-buy shoppers.

Retailers who’ve received early access to the program are already reaping rewards.

“Customers like to shop in their underwear or on weekends and we’ve seen leads come in at seven or eight o’clock at night,” says Josh Crossgrove, head of sales at Simplified Flooring. “One of those leads came through our website, used our digital retailing tools, and it resulted in a $24,000 sale. She came into the store just one time.”

Every customer interaction will live inside Broadlume’s DealerHQ. Retailers can easily view the most visualized products, track the delivery of sample orders and view every essential data point within the shopping journey.

For the industry, this announcement arrives at a crucial time given the challenging economic outlook, rising customer expectations and the need for retailers to achieve more with limited resources; maximizing every new sales opportunity is essential.

“The manufacturers we’ve partnered with to launch digital retailing represents an unprecedented investment towards helping independent retailers transform the customer experience and a better way to operate and scale their businesses,” says Saunders.

Some of the manufacturers that have committed to providing digital retailing to their aligned retailers include Mohawk Industries, Belknap-Haines, Trucor, Hallmark Floors and Prestige Mills.

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