Bjelin Rolls Out Small-sized Wood Panels

Bjelin’s smaller size for its hardened wood flooring, aptly named Small, is half the size of its regular panels.

The new size, measuring 46 inches by six inches, maximizes the use of wood and limits waste. It is also comfortable to handle and easily fits into cars and elevators.

Size Small is available in a commercial matte finish that’s durable and protects the flooring from stains. This makes it ideal for heavily trafficked areas like hotels, restaurants, offices and retail shops, or the entrance of a home.

The panels are equipped with a floor-locking system, allowing for a quick and straightforward install while eliminating the need for glue, nails and sealants. Watertight joints prevent water from seeping through the seams and damaging the subfloor.

Bjelin’s hardened wood floors are empowered by patented technology that allows the company to produce 100 per cent real wood floors that are three times stronger and dent-resistant, says the company. The technology also allows for 10 times more product to be produced from each log.

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