Agile lift truck works in narrower aisles

combiliftThe Combi-MR a multi-directional reach truck introduced by Combilift that allows the operator to perform compact turns in confined spaces, creating the opportunity to reduce aisle width and increase storage space.

It’s characterized by its extreme maneuverability and unique steering function, the company says.

The multifunctional controlled joystick allows the operator to change direction and travel speed in a smooth seamless motion, in addition to full control of all the hydraulic functions.

This is said to contribute to faster procedures for manufacturing distribution and logistics operations. The truck has the versatility to handle both palletized and longer loads.

The low operator’s entry and exit design is achieved by the positioning of the large drive wheel to the rear right corner. The single drive wheel is fitted with a large 16 in. rubber tire and features 360° rotation steering.

Operators are also assured of a comfortable and safe working environment, due to the stand-up overhead guard design, offering visibility of the surrounding area.

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