Magnetic Flooring a Trending Technology

By Lourdes Del Rio-Valdes

A magnetic revolution is quietly transforming the way people think about and interact with flooring solutions. Often associated with luxury vinyl plank and tile, magnetic flooring is gaining momentum for its unique blend of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

“Magnetic flooring is not just a flooring solution; it’s a paradigm shift in how we approach flooring design and installation,” says Shauna Olsen, president of Creative Magnetic Flooring.

At its core, magnetic flooring is a system that utilizes magnets for the installation of flooring materials. Traditional flooring installation methods often involve adhesives, creating a fixed bond between the floor and subfloor. In contrast, magnetic flooring relies on a magnetic underlayment, providing a strong yet flexible connection between the flooring material and the subfloor.

This innovative approach has wide-ranging implications for the flooring industry.

“The versatility of magnetic flooring opens up a world of possibilities for businesses and homeowners alike, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious,” says Olsen.

Because the underlayment uses magnets to attach the flooring planks, no glue or adhesive is required. Photo courtesy Creative Magnetic Flooring.

Benefits Abound
Magnetic flooring simplifies installation, reducing the need for adhesives. This not only speeds up the process, but also minimizes mess and allows for quick adjustments, making it an attractive option for both residential and commercial projects.

Also, unlike adhesive and click-lock systems that demand extensive floor preparations, magnetic flooring requires minimal groundwork, making it the ideal choice for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professional installers alike. Even when relying on the expertise of a professional, the cost of installing magnetic flooring is notably lower than alternative systems.

But the real allure is that magnetic flooring empowers users to easily manage alterations. In contrast to systems that require glue-down or click installation, which necessitate the involvement of installers for repairs, future repairs of magnetic flooring involve a straightforward ‘remove and replace’ method that can be done without professional assistance.

Another noteworthy advantage of magnetic flooring is the reduction of volatile organic compounds, commonly known as VOCs, through elimination of the use of adhesives. These group of chemicals are found in certain adhesives and off-gas into the air. VOCs can impact air quality and have been associated with short- and long-term adverse health effects.

Magnetic flooring offers an array of design options, too. Whether replicating the warm look of wood or the sleek appearance of stone, magnetic flooring allows for a diverse range of possibilities that can be easily changed out, meeting the aesthetic preferences of various spaces.

What’s more, magnetic flooring products are designed for durability and ease of maintenance. The absence of adhesives simplifies cleaning processes, making it a cost-effective and time-efficient choice for homeowners and businesses.

The magnetic underlayment is rolled out in the same direction, trimmed and then the flooring placed on top. Photo courtesy Creative Magnetic Flooring.

Wide-ranging Applications
The versatility of magnetic flooring extends its applications across various sectors.

In the residential market, magnetic flooring offers an easily maintainable flooring solution. The uncomplicated installation process is also particularly appealing for homeowners seeking a hassle-free upgrade or wanting to replace old flooring before listing their property for sale to improve the look.

For commercial properties, magnetic flooring is gaining popularity, especially in retail spaces, offices and hospitality settings. Quick installations and the ability to update flooring designs make it a practical choice for businesses.

The low maintenance and hygienic properties of magnetic flooring make it particularly well-suited for healthcare environments. Its VOC-free nature also contributes to a healthier atmosphere for patients, visitors and staff.

Magnetic flooring is now starting to find a place in educational settings due to its durability and easy cleanability. Its adaptability allows for creative and engaging flooring designs in both classrooms and common areas.

As the magnetic revolution unfolds, it’s clear this type of flooring is more than just a trend — it’s a transformative force that is rewriting the script for what’s possible in flooring design and installation.

“As we step into a future where adaptability and sustainability are paramount, magnetic flooring stands as a beacon of progress in the world of interiors,” says Olsen.

Lourdes Del Rio-Valdes is a strategic marketing consultant for Oracle Method Group Inc. Lourdes holds a graduate degree from University of Southern California and is an accomplished project management professional with more than 23 years’ experience working with national and international brands. She seamlessly integrates communication management, marketing and public relations into her diverse skill set. Lourdes can be reached at 310-529-2868 or [email protected].

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