A Revolution in Resilient Beauty

SolidTech Premier resilient flooring by Mohawk Industries features Signature HDX technology that captures the design, texture and colour of natural hardwood, which could not be replicated until now, says the company.

Positioning the product as the best-looking SPC on the market, Mohawk transfers 75 layers of texture to each flooring plank, providing a multidimensional effect that can be seen and felt. Signature HDX’s high-definition colour process also offers extreme colour clarity and no loss of colour detail.

With 14 SKUs, SolidTech Premier showcases sought-after oak styles with a variety of rustic and clean visuals, along with unique, true white visuals not currently on the market.

The product launch is supported in store through a flexible merchandising unit with sample sizes that are 35 per cent larger so consumers can see and appreciate the colour and finish variation of Signature HDX.

Additionally, retailers will have access to a full assortment of ‘the next diamond’ advertising assets available in the Mohawk ad centre. ‘The next diamond’ campaign compares Signature HDX to man-made diamonds — the technology brings diamond-level clarity to SolidTech Premier.

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