100 Per Cent Biodegradable Carpet

EcoAx by Creative Matters is a fully biodegradable woven Axminster carpet.

It’s composed of 100 per cent wool with jute-backing that biodegrades within just 12 months, enriching the soil as it decomposes, says the company. This is in contrast to synthetic materials like nylon that can take more than 50 years to decompose in landfills.

EcoAx designs are crafted using pile and backing, with each tuft of yarn securely woven into the backing, creating a strong three-dimensional structure.

The product uses a ‘no glue’ installation method, meaning no residue is left on the carpet.

When uninstalled, the carpet can be reused, upcycled or even shredded to be used as compost, ultimately diverting it from landfills.

EcoMax will be available in January 2024, for all residential and commercial rug designs in eight colours: pearl, ivory, fog, dust, pepper, sand, taupe and umbra.

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